Join Bradford Sportsmen's Club

Application to the Bradford Sportsmen’s Club is open year around.

Application Checklist Follows.

 Step 1: Initiate Application

a.     Complete the application form including your sponsors name and their membership number. Applications can be found in the FAQ section of our website (

b.     Complete the application online, and then print it out and sign it.

c.     *Enclose in an envelope the completed application along with copies of your driver’s license, current NRA card, a clean BCI (or current conceal carry permit from the state issuing your driver’s license).

d.     Mail application packet to:

Dan Gallagher
8 Holly Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379

 *Please do not send in a partial application packet as only a complete packet will initiate the process.


Email: (best)
Home: 860-599-0355 (best phone number)
Cell: 860-271-1222 (
only on when at the Club)

 Step 2: Confirmation will be sent to you (by email) that your application has been received in its entirety and is now active. If you do NOT hear anything within 7 days, please e-mail an inquiry as to the status of your application.

 After the application packet is received, and the process is opened, the applicant drives the next steps.

 **Step 3: Ensure that your interview is scheduled at a mutually convenient time. To ensure you are interviewed by the most qualified club member, please indicate on the application and/or in a separate e-mail your first, second, and third shooting discipline (i.e., handgun, rifle, shotgun, archery) in order of priority.

a.     A date and time will be agreed upon.

b.     The interview will be conducted by a Trustee, Officer or other established club member.

c.     During the interview, you may elect membership in a committee of interest; meet with that committee chairman; a follow-up interview may be conducted by the committee chairman at their discretion.

d.     Following successful completion of the interview, the membership committee will determine eligibility of the applicant. 

**Step 4: Safety Training

a.     Provide a copy of a certificate/s verifying successful completion of safety and live fire training (e.g., NRA Basic Pistol, live fire course administered by any reputable firearms training institute or a credentialed club member).

b.     And/or, have a club member who’s also a credentialed instructor and is familiar with you as a shooter formally certify that all safety and skill set requirements are met. [Note: This might be done during orientation to Club ranges.]

c.     UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THIS CLASS IS NOT BEING OFFERED: Attend a two-hour safety training course [must bring a handgun or rifle (.22 lr caliber maximum)] or any of the many full day live fire classes administered periodically at Bradford. We prefer that ALL applicants complete this short safety class, as it is an opportunity for a club member to review with you range safety protocols and confirm safe firearms handling.

 **Step 5: As a guest of a range Committee Chairmen or other member, you will be orientated to the safe use of the range (s) in your discipline of choice: Ross Hill and Mosena handgun ranges; Mosena rifle range; Mosena trap, skeet, five-stand. Prior to using any range, all shooters must undergo range orientation to that facility.

 **Step 6: You will meet with the Chairman of the Committee on which you wish to serve.

 (**Steps 3-6 might overlap and/or not be sequential.)

 Step 7: You will attend and be voted in at a Thursday Club meeting (monthly meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00 pm.), at which time you will pay the application ($100) and annual fee of $250 (dues $150 + capital fund $100), sign a liability waiver form and receive your member card. (If you wish to include an optional donation of $25 to the club for safety training, write the check to the Bradford Sportsmen’s Club for a total of $375.] For those applicants accepted into membership after December 31st, there is a reduction in dues by one half ($75.00 payable vs. $150.00).

 EACH YEAR, MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS BEGIN IN JUNE/JULY by providing a copy of your current year NRA card, a new updated and signed waiver, and payment of the annual fee of $250.