IDPA Northeast Area Coordinator Rulings

  1. After the start signal, shooters shall not holster their gun until the “holster” command is given (unless they qualify as Permantly Physically Disabled Shooters under Rule 7). Re-holstering a loaded gun under time pressure is considered unsafe and unnecessary.
  2. Looking through the sights is considered to be taking a sight picture, even if the gun is not pointed at a target in the course of fire. Shooters shall not take a sight picture during the “Make Ready” process. This is considered an “individual rehearsal,” which is not permitted in IDPA.
  3. A gun is considered “dropped” when the shooter loses control of it, even if it does not hit the ground. Dropping a gun during a course of fire is a match DQ.
  4. With regard to IDPA rule 3.5.2, when a fault line is used to delineate a position of cover, a shooter is deemed to have "crossed or entered an opening" when both feet are faulting that line.