Match Range Safety Rules

Match Range Safety Rules

  • Please review and abide by the following match range safety rules to avoid being disqualified from the match before firing your very first shot!

  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in match disqualification.

  • If you have any questions, please ask a match official.

  • Enjoy the match! 

Cold Range

  • Competitors may NOT carry loaded guns on the range except when under the direct supervision of a match official.

  • The “range” is the entire property located at 299 Ross Hill Rd, Charlestown, RI.

  • A “loaded gun” is a gun that has ammunition in it, chambered or un-chambered.

  • “Ammunition” includes live ammunition, dummy ammunition, snap caps, empty shell cases etc. Anything that appears to be ammunition IS ammunition.

  • If you arrive at a match with a loaded gun on your person, you must notify a match official as soon as possible.

  • A match official must supervise clearing ammunition from a loaded gun.

Gun Handling

  • Gun handling is NOT allowed anywhere on the range EXCEPT in a designated “Safe Area” or under the direct supervision of a match official.

  • Guns that are not in a “Safe Area” must be in a closed container or carried in a holster that is attached to a belt that is being worn around the waist.

  • Carrying a gun in a holster that is not being worn is not allowed.

Ammunition Handling

  • Ammunition may be handled anywhere on the range EXCEPT in a designated “Safe Area.”

Safe Area

  •  A “Safe Area” is a designated area at which unsupervised handling of unloaded guns is allowed.

  •  A “Safe Area” will be marked as such. Do not assume any unmarked table is a “Safe Area”.

  •  When handling a gun in a “Safe Area,” the muzzle of the gun must always be oriented towards the berm backing the “Safe Area.”

  •  Handling ammunition is NOT allowed in a “Safe Area.” This includes handling loaded magazines, loaded speed loaders, boxes of ammunition, etc.

  • A “Safe Area” may be used to transfer an unloaded gun from a container to a holster and vice versa. 

  • A “Safe Area” may be used to dry fire, check function, repair, lubricate, disassemble, etc. an UNLOADED gun and EMPTY magazines.